As one of the area's leading energy marketers, Sprague Energy Solutions Inc. provides customers with electricity options beyond the offerings of your local utility. We work with retail, commercial and industrial customers to help meet their short- and long-term electricity needs through our trusted relationships with dependable wholesale suppliers and the expertise of our experienced Energy Portfolio Managers. 


  • How it Works
  • Electricity Costs: Fixed Price Solutions
  • Electricity Costs: Indexed Price Solutions

How it Works

Businesses and municipalities in open access states have the opportunity to select their power supplier. After analyzing your single- or multi-site energy profile, Sprague will connect you with an electricity supplier that meets your operational and budget objectives. Your local utility company will continue to read your electric meter, deliver power to your business, and respond to service-related calls.


Advantages of Sprague’s electricity procurement services include:

  • Timely, responsive support: Your account will be assigned to an Energy Portfolio Manager trained to answer your questions and address concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Real-time energy pricing: We customize your electricity contracts to accommodate usage variations and help protect against market volatility.
  • Environmental commitment: As a company committed to sustainability, Sprague can connect customers with electricity suppliers that provide all or a portion of the power from green energy sources.
  • Free, no-obligation savings analysis: Before you sign up with Sprague, our Energy Portfolio Manager will provide you with supply options specifically catered to your budget and energy goals. There are no sign-up fees — and no additional charges for this service!

To inquire about our pricing options and schedule your simple usage analysis, call or email our team of experts today, or go directly to our electricity quote request page here.

Sprague's tailored power solutions can help streamline electricity management for all types of business customers. We customize electricity rates to accommodate usage requirements and protect from market volatility, helping you meet your long-term goals.

Electricity Costs: Fixed Price Solutions

Fixed pricing solutions allow you to lock in power rates over a designated contract period, regardless of market price fluctuation. This is a good option for customers who prefer budget and price stability.

Advantages of fixed pricing include:

  • Consistent electricity pricing
  • Simplified month-to-month energy planning
  • Range of contract terms to suit your needs
  • Established rates that will not increase during rising markets

For more information about fixed electricity rates, or to determine if fixed pricing options are best for your business or facility, contact our team of Energy Portfolio Managers today.

Electricity Costs: Indexed Price Solutions

Indexed pricing solutions allow you to float with the market for a designated contract period. This is a good option for customers who prefer taking advantage of market-based pricing.

Advantages of indexed pricing include:

  • Optimal control over power expenses
  • Lower costs during periods of declining markets
  • Cost savings during off-peak electricity hours

While many businesses appreciate the flexible nature of indexed pricing, electricity use must be carefully managed in order to realize savings. To determine whether indexed pricing is a good choice for your single- or multi-site business, or to request full-service management of your power portfolio, call or email our team of Energy Portfolio Managers today.