We offer a complete menu of account management services designed to meet all of your natural gas purchasing and management requirements.  If there is specific service you would like us to provide, please let us know – we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Account Management & Customer Care
  • Invoicing & Payment Options
  • Consultative Services

Natural Gas Account Management & Customer Care

Account Management: Sprague offers all of our customers electronic access to their account information via SpraguePort  - our dedicated customer terminal.  Once you are signed up with SpraguePort, you will enjoy convenient access to all of your account information including: 

  • Natural Gas Supply Agreement Purchase and Price Lock Confirmations 
  • All Invoices and related documentation
  • Coming Soon – A complete suite of budget management and reporting tools. 

Also, Sprague offers all valued Brokers and Channel Partners the ease of one-stop electronic access to all of the same information and management tools provided to customers through SpraguePort.  Sprague continuously develops additional tools and services designed to meet their customers' business requirements. Please contact your Broker Representative for assistance. 

Sprague’s Customer Care is second to none.  If you are ever in need of any assistance relating to any aspect of your natural gas account – please contact Sprague at 1-855-466-2842 (1-855-GO-NATGAS).  A customer care specialist will personally assist you and follow-up with you personally to confirm that your assistance requirements have been met in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Invoicing & Payment Options

Invoicing Options

We offer three different invoice options – each with a different level of information available.  In addition, we offer delivery options as well, e-mail, US Mail, and facsimile.

Option One – A General Summary invoice that (if possible) lists and summarizes all of your utility accounts on one page.  This option is ideal for an organization looking to simplify the invoicing process and minimize paper.

Option Two – A General Summary page (by utility) and specific back up pages by location and account that provides more detailed information. 

Option Three  - A General Summary page (by utility) and specific back up pages by location and account that provides more detailed information and a very detailed daily contract, nominations, supply cost and usage report.

Payment Options

Sprague offers a variety of payment options as well.  These include payment by Check, wire transfer, ACH (Automated Clearing House), and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers).  If payment terms are of concern, we will gladly work with you to establish terms and payment methods that meet your business requirements.

Consultative Services

Sprague’s core expertise is providing the highest level of consultative sales service available.  All of our customers enjoy access to much or all of the following: energy market information and reports, procurement strategies, invoicing options and related performance reports, and direct sales support from experienced and knowledgeable representatives.