Sprague directly serves a wide range of commercial accounts, providing the products, tools and information to help them manage their business.

  • Aviation
  • Property Management
  • Construction / Off-road
  • On-road Fuel
  • Power Generation
  • Marinas
  • Marine / Bunkering


Sprague has been supplying competitively priced aviation jet fuel throughout the Northeast since 1995. We understand the importance of high-quality service coupled with attractive prices in today’s competitive and challenging environment.  Sprague excels in working within the highly demanding aviation industry.

When desired, Sprague can help to manage your on-site storage via remotely-monitored software to further meet your inventory and demand requirements.

Range of customers:

  • Regional and national airline carriers
  • Airport FBOs
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Miscellaneous end users (e.g., Helicopter services, Skydiving companies)

Property Management

Sprague lowers heating costs for commercial and residential buildings by offering competitively priced Heating Oil, Biofuel and Natural Gas.

Sprague can also help you improve the environmental footprint of your building with Biofuel. Biofuels are renewable energy that reduce your cost, improve air quality, and reduce reliance on foreign oil. Biofuels burn cleaner than fossil fuels, leaving less carbon residues that build up on fuel pumps, nozzles, filters and strainers. Over time, this can reduce service calls and diminish annual maintenance costs for your burner system.

Sprague’s natural gas supply is a reliable and competitive alternative to purchasing gas from the public utility.

Construction / Off-road

Sprague delivers the fuel you need to build your project.  If you already own underground or above ground tanks, we can meet your bulk off-highway fuel needs at your construction site or place of business in bulk quantities of 1,000 gallons or more (and smaller volumes in the NY Metro area).

Sprague also understands the demands of the Off-Road environment. We have decades of experience in meeting the needs of Off-Road customers and we are a licensed and authorized dyed diesel supplier.

Sprague provides exceptional and customizable services at very attractive prices for a wide range of off-highway applications, including:

  • Generators
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Farm equipment
  • Marine

Sprague provides prompt and efficient bulk deliveries of the following fuel products:

  • Clear on highway diesel fuel
  • Dyed off-highway diesel fuel
  • Road Force Premium diesel fuel – custom blended for reliable winter operability
  • Biodiesel fuel – cleaner fuel for construction vehicles
  • Kerosene and kerosene blends
  • Gasoline

Sprague is happy to advise commercial customers on what fuels meet your needs, helping you to remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

On-road Fuel

As a leading supplier of diesel and gasoline in the region, Sprague understands the multiple demands facing your business every day. That’s why we provide businesses with a complete menu of energy products and services - and take the complexity out of buying fuel.

We keep you on the road by delivering fuel on-site or off-site, regardless of your delivery size needs.

Diesel Fuel

• Diesel
• RoadForce® Premium Diesel
• Biodiesel


• Regular 87-octane gasoline with 10% Ethanol
• Mid-Grade 89-octane gasoline with 10% Ethanol
• Premium 93-octane gasoline with 10% Ethanol 


Power Generation

The fuel supply requirements of power generating plants can change quickly. We understand that it’s critical for our power generation customers to have the fuel they need, when they need it. Sprague’s integrated supply and logistical assets enable us to respond promptly to your supply demands.

  • Strategic network of supply terminals
  • Wide availability of petroleum fuels including:
    • Residual fuels meeting various sulfur specifications
    • Distillate fuels: ultra-low sulfur, #2 and #1 fuel
    • Dyed and un-dyed fuel
  • Efficient and competitive price mechanisms based on industry benchmarks including Platt’s, NYMEX, OPIS and Argus.
    • Spot, prompt or fixed forward price arrangements
  • Proficient centralized dispatch
  • Sprague owned and operated delivery fleet augmented with a network of first class common carriers to deliver the fuel you need, when you need it and where you need it
  • Sprague has been working with Power Gen customers since 1990
  • Experience with waste-to-energy, peaking, combined-cycle, natural gas, coal, and condensing steam plants up to 80 megawatts
  • Experience with major utilities, small regional providers, and manufacturers that have on-site power generation capabilities


Sprague is the preferred supplier for many premier marinas throughout the Northeast.  We understand the importance of providing quality fuels that meet your needs as well as those of your customers.  Sprague provides a range of products including gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, and the proprietary and superior quality ValvTect® fuel offerings.

Just a few reasons why marinas in the Northeast choose to work with Sprague:

  • Prompt 7-day delivery service during the summer boating season
  • Certified ValvTect® Marine Fuel Distributor of quality marine gasoline and marine diesel fuels
  • Automatic delivery through electronic tank monitoring – Sprague remotely monitors your inventory levels and delivers fuel when you need it most, especially during the busy summer boating season
  • Friendly and helpful customer care center staffed with our energy experts

Marine / Bunkering

Sprague provides high quality marine grade fuels to meet your vessel’s fueling requirements in New England. Sprague’s primary supply point for RMG 380 is in Portland, Maine, where Sprague operates a bunker barge to service the Portland pipeline, bunkers-only, and harbor cargo markets. In addition, Sprague supplies the following locations:

  • Searsport, ME: IFO ex-pipe at Sprague terminal / MGO DMA by truck
  • Portland, ME: IFO 380 & 180 via Sprague operated bunker barge / MGO ex-pipe / MGO by truck
  • New Bedford, MA: MGO DMA. Dockside fueling via hose reel

Additionally, Sprague currently supplies MGO and IFO via trucks in various ports throughout New England. We supply tankers down to commercial tugs and private yachts.