State / Municipal / Utility

Sprague supplies a wide range of traditional transportation, heating and power generation refined products, alternative fuels, price risk programs, and fuel management programs and services to governmental and utility users.  

State / Municipal / Utility Services

Sprague is one of the largest suppliers of refined products to this customer class in the Northeast and holds contracts with various states and state agencies, counties, local municipalities, utilities and many others.

Fuels include home heating oil, ULSD, premium and kerosene-blended ULSD, biodiesel, CNG, gasoline, E85, Jet fuel, residual fuel oil and BioHeat® fuels.  

Sprague responds to bid solicitations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. We deliver to our varied customer base in a multitude of ways, utilizing barges, our own truck fleet, exclusively leased vehicles, multiple common carriers and directly through the dispenser pump.

Sprague has the ability to tailor our offerings to customers’ requirements, from retail fueling, mobile refueling to transport bulk fuel deliveries. We offer a Total Fuel Management program whereby we manage the customer’s entire fuel process incorporating both on-site and off-site fueling, integrated fuel management reporting, tank monitoring with automatic deliveries at pre-determined levels, environmental monitoring and reporting, site management including preventative maintenance, site evaluations, design and installation. Total Fuel Management customers use a variety of methods to authorize fueling including cards, key fobs, data entry and various radio frequency technologies.

Sprague offers a wide variety of pricing methods, from posting based pricing utilizing industry publications such as Argus, Platt’s, and OPIS, on a daily or weekly basis, to firm fixed prices.  In addition to owning and/or controlling 19 terminals, Sprague has product available at an extensive network of strategically located terminals throughout the Northeast, securing multiple supply points for customers and ensuring supply during both normal times and periods of disruption. 

Sprague customers have the ability to research and view all business performed with Sprague through Sprague’s state-of-the-art web portal to conduct business and view fuel management reports, storage inventory, invoicing,  delivery manifests, pricing and more.   Additionally, Sprague has the unique ability to invoice customers according to their requirements, including mail, email, fax, and various electronic methods.