Sprague’s Refined Products group sells more than a billion gallons annually via 19 owned and/or controlled terminals, and an extensive network of throughput terminals across the northeast.  The company has longstanding relationships with dealers and end users, providing customers with exceptional customer service, market intelligence and industry-leading online purchasing and hedging tools.

Heating Oil

Heating oil, ultralow sulfur heating oil, BioHeat® fuels and HeatForce®


Offered through dozens of terminals, including ethanol products

Diesel Fuel

ULSD, RoadForce®, Biodiesel, marine diesel and ULSK products


Aviation fuel, ultralow sulfur kero and low-sulfur kerosene offerings

Residual Fuel

Extensive physical network of residual fuel supply for process and heat load customers

Marine Fuels

IFO grades, MDO/MGO, ULSD, Gasoline and ValvTect® fuels for Bunker customers

Alternative Fuels

Extensive collection of environmentally-friendly fuels including BioHeat® fuels, Biodiesel, CNG and Ethanol