Sprague has longstanding relationships with dealers and end users, providing customers with exceptional customer service, market intelligence and industry-leading online purchasing and hedging tools.

  • Risk Management
  • Daily Pricing at Wholesale Rack
  • Advisory Services
  • SpraguePORT & Real-Time®
  • Fuel Buy Back Program


Risk Management

Sprague is a leader in creating innovative and sophisticated Price Risk Management programs for our customers.  As one of the northeast’s leading sellers of forward price risk management programs for home heating oil retailers, Sprague has the experience to understand the unique needs of retailers and the expertise to develop programs to meet those needs.  And, as industry needs change, Sprague stands ready to change and adapt programs to meet new needs.  Examples of Sprague Price Risk Management programs are below.

  • The Sprague HeatCurve® program offers 12 different schedules to help match winter heating demand curves. Flexible volumes and schedules, simple pricing and visibility, and more.
  • Small Volume Forwards:  No longer is there a need to purchase your forward requirements in 42,000 gallon increments.  Sprague’s Small Volume Forward program allows retailers to buy only what they need in the months they need it helping to eliminate unnecessary volume and price exposure.
  • Sprague's innovative PriceFlex® Price Protection Program provides the industry's first way to match downside protection with an individual lifting - reducing the time, confusion and risk associated with managing customer price protection programs.
  • Sprague's PhysicalCap™ Price Protection Program helps remove the mystery and reduce the risk of covering your customers' cap programs. 
  • Sprague's Unpriced Guaranteed Differential (UGD) Program allows customers to lock in only the basis portion of the price today and then fix the total price when you are ready to lift.
  • Sprague's Real-Time® Pricing Platform is the wholesale petroleum industry’s #1 internet-based real-time pricing portal. Real-Time® provides timely insights into volatile markets, the ability to instantly act on marketing opportunities, and increase profits in a challenging environment.

Daily Pricing at Wholesale Rack

Reliability is a Sprague hallmark. Customers can count on Sprague to provide competitively priced petroleum products at strategically located truck rack loading facilities across the northeast 365 days per year.  From Maine through southern New Jersey, Sprague has the products you need at the location you need them.  Whether it’s heating fuels, diesel fuels, kerosene, or unbranded gasoline, Sprague's vast network of proprietary terminals and exclusive throughput and exchange locations allows Sprague to post daily rack price at virtually every major market in the Northeast.  The variety of products Sprague provides rack wholesale rack prices for include:

  • #2 Home Heating Oil
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil
  • Heat Force Premium Heating Oil® – Sprague’s specially-formulated premium heating oil
  • #2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
  • Road Force® – Sprague’s proprietary additized premium diesel fuel designed for reliable on-road use at any time of the year
  • Kerosene
  • Jet Fuel
  • Bio-blended fuels
  • Residual Fuels
  • Unbranded gasoline

Advisory Services

Focusing your efforts on your business is a full time job.  With so many purchasing options, having the time to effectively evaluate pricing options on a daily basis or for annual budgeting can be daunting. Sprague can assist you in evaluating the optimum pricing strategies to meet your specific requirements. Depending on your operation and volume requirements,  whether it’s daily multiple pricing strategies or fixing a price for a year, experienced Sprague representatives are available to discuss your needs.

SpraguePORT & Sprague Real-Time


Sprague offers all of our customers electronic access to their account information via SpraguePORT - our online dedicated customer terminal. SpraguePORT is an account management tool developed over five years by our industry experts and software designers. Using custom data warehouses and technologies like imaging and signature capture, SpraguePORT is directly integrated with billing and financial systems, and it is designed to specifically answer our customers questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers can easily place an order, view invoices, access electronic draft notices, review payments, summarize transactions, and download all details. We are continually updating SpraguePORT in an effort to deliver best-in-class service and support.

Sprague Real-Time® Pricing Capabilities

Sprague knows that information is power. Our objective is to continue to be at the forefront of our industry and provide our customers the best information for making decisions. We take pride in developing new ways to make your business work more efficiently. In an effort to further improve our offerings, we have developed an entire Real-Time® Pricing Platform.

Sprague’s Real-Time® pricing tool provides all of the great features that you have come to expect from your pricing tool. However, Sprague Real-Time® also offers innovations such as: 

   - Small Volume forwards (2,500 gallons) 
   - HeatCurve® and small volume HeatCurve® (1,000 gallons) 
   - Daily product trading ranges 
   - Direct integration to SpraguePORT for contract balances 
   - Compatibility with multiple internet browsers

We will continue to improve our system to best meet your needs.

Fuel Buy Back Programs

Through the use of Sprague’s strategically located terminal assets, its petroleum marketing expertise, and excellent field engineers, we can offer individually tailored programs to purchase fuel owned at end users’ locations.

When the need arises, and a customer desires to eliminate their petroleum inventory, Sprague can create a custom solution.  It is a complete “turn key” package designed to safely and efficiently remove the contents of the customer’s tank.

Each purchase is an individual customized deal.  Sprague begins the process by conducting a site review by our petroleum specialists and field engineers. Sprague will survey, sample and test the customer’s fuel to determine where we can use it within our terminal network.  Our engineering group will determine if, and what, piping modifications must be made to evacuate the petroleum efficiently.

Sprague completes the review process with a price offering based on the grade, market value, and difficulty to remove the fuel.

Once both parties agree to the process and pricing Sprague will schedule the operation, beginning with any required mechanical changes, and the installation of pumps and meters if needed.  Once the site is complete and ready to go Sprague will bring in a standby vacuum truck, environmental technicians, and trucks to remove the fuel.  Scheduling is typically done during daylight hours on a Monday to Friday basis to reduce any plant disruptions.  Sprague loads the trucks, tracks the inventory, prepares the bills of lading, and provides reports.