Meet your sustainability goals without fuel system changes

Sprague’s new Green Energy Program allows you to easily switch to carbon-neutral fuel without any system or infrastructure changes. Simply switch to our Net Zero Products and start offsetting your environmental impact.

Sustainable Fuel Made Easy: 
• No fuel system modifications needed
• Sign up and we’ll add you to our list of Carbon-Neutral Fuel Customers
• Share your sustainability efforts with our easy-to-use media kit*

How it works:

• You change your fuel to a Net Zero Product.
• Purchase carbon offsets from Sprague equivalent to what the fuel emits when consumed. Sprague purchases the offsets from certified, reliably sourced projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as forest restoration, energy efficiencies, wind farms, and hydroelectric initiatives.
• You use carbon-neutral fuel, and become a part of the sustainability initiative.

*Media kit includes modifiable press release and use of Sprague’s Certified Net Zero Energy User logo on your website and marketing materials. Contact