Sprague’s industrial customers have benefited from our extensive experience and expertise in natural gas and other energy products since the mid-1990s.  We understand the unique service needs and business requirements inherent with your industrial facilities and have designed products and services to help you manage all phases of your energy procurement and program management initiatives.  These include:

Personalized Account Management

You will be assigned an account representative responsible for assisting you in meeting your energy needs.  Their job is to get to know your business and operations, buying strategies, and reporting and invoicing preferences.  Our account managers are all experienced and well educated energy professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible.

Direct Scheduling Support

You will also be given personal support in meeting your scheduling needs if required.

Complete Natural Gas Product and Customized Budget Management offerings

From Dual Fuel BTU Option Products for multiple fuel locations to a full menu of budget control options for full requirements single fuel facilities, Sprague offers you the highest value products and services.  These include monthly and daily index options, fixed forward basis with partial or full fixed forward commodity pricing, multiple balancing options, price ceilings and traditional and accelerated collar products as well.

Market Intelligence and Clarity

We specialize in providing our customers high quality, real-time energy market data designed to add clarity and relevance to your business and purchasing strategies.

Customized Reports

We will do our best to meet your requirements if you need special performance or other specific reports to assist in your energy program management.

Procurement Strategy Development and Consultation

Sprague is a major direct participant in the Northeast energy market with extensive experience managing billions of dollars of assets and products.  We look forward to working with you to help develop a customized procurement strategy that works for your needs and risk tolerance.

Multiple Invoicing Options

We provide multiple invoice options that include different levels of back-up data by account. We can consolidate invoices and provide a well-designed summary of your accounts with any level of back-up data you may require.


Our customers enjoy online access to their contracts, confirmations and invoices. We have a variety of useful "Energy Manager" financial management, and reporting tools presently being developed.

Outstanding Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is second to none. If you have a question or problem, call or email us. Your customer care specialist will personally track and ensure that your requirements are addressed in a courteous and expeditious manner.

Request a Natural Gas Quote online or call 1.855.466.2842.