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Sprague works with many commercial natural gas customers, granting them the ability to lock-in energy rates and access Sprague's natural gas market expertise. Request a free quote today.

  • Commercial Natural Gas

Commercial Natural Gas 

Sprague’s commercial and institutional customers benefit from our extensive expertise in the natural gas markets. We understand the unique service needs and business requirements inherent with your business. We have designed our products and services to help you manage all phases of your energy procurement and program management initiatives.

We offer our commercial natural gas customers:

  • Fixed Natural Gas Pricing – provides a high level of price protection regardless of changes in market prices and introduces a greater degree of certainty with respect to operating costs.
  • Multiple Invoicing Options - customized invoicing with varying levels of back-up data and details, by account or facility to meet your needs.
  • Consultative Services – enjoy access to energy market information and reports, procurement strategies, and direct sales support from experienced representatives.

Call 1.855.466.2842 to receive a commercial natural gas quote, or complete the form to the right to request a follow up from a Sprague representative.

Sprague provides customized products and services to over 16,000 accounts located behind 46 utilities in 12 states and Washington, D.C. Sprague serves retail, commercial and industrial customers from Maine to Washington, D.C. We provide customized natural gas solutions with exceptional market intelligence, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.