Sprague owns and/or controls a network of 19 terminals, and has an extensive network of throughput terminal locations in the Northeast. The company provides retailers (dealers) with an extensive array of high quality products coupled with exceptional service and industry-leading online tools to help manage supply and optimize delivery performance.


Sprague is a leader in the distribution of distillate fuels such as heating oil, ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline as well as residual fuels such as #6 and #4 fuel oils in varying sulfur grades blended to meet the needs of our customers. Sprague is actively involved in the introduction of emissions reducing Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO), premium heating fuels and premium diesel fuels designed to keep fuel systems running clean and trouble free. For example, we offer the proprietary RoadForce® and HeatForce® products which provide additional operational benefits through a custom-blend of performance-enhancing additives.


Sprague’s network of 19 controlled and/or owned terminals are conveniently located throughout the Northeast. We take pride in the smooth operations at our terminals – our facilities are designed for easy access and loading, and our employees pride themselves in providing a safe environment as well as friendly service. We know how important it is to efficiently load vehicles and do all that we can to facilitate this process.

Online Tool Suite

Sprague has invested significantly in developing online tools to better serve our customers. After years of experience with online pricing platforms and ordering systems, in 2012 Sprague launched the Sprague Real-Time® pricing portal. Within Sprague Real-Time® (SRT), customers can optimize their purchases:

  • Real-time pricing: Offers are updated dynamically with the market throughout the day, providing the opportunity to profit instantly from every market movement
  • Flexible volumes: Prompt and forward contracts are available in quantities to fit your needs, without being forced into 42,000 gallon increments
  • Outstanding support: Our group of energy professionals monitor SRT continually througout the day, and are available by phone or chat to discuss a purchase or market condition
  • Mobile access: SRT is accessible on your smartphone or tablet, so you can access savings on the go
  • Bidding: It is easy to place standing bids below current offer prices, allowing you to benefit if the market moves lower – even if you’re away from your computer
  • Risk management: Price protection programs in quantities as low as 1,000 gallons over an entire season, plus the ability to craft your own month / volume combinations

Sprague also offers exclusive access to SpraguePORT, our online account management tool developed over five years by industry experts and software designers. Using custom data warehouses and technologies like imaging and signature capture, SpraguePORT is directly integrated with billing and financial systems, and is designed to specifically answer our customers’ questions. Customers can easily place an order, view invoices, access electronic draft notices, review payments, summarize transactions, and download all details.