St. Lawrence Gas commercial customers now have the option to purchase natural gas from a company other than the utility. This means you can start managing and controlling your energy costs with the assurance of reliable, consistent rates.
As a business owner, you want options to provide the best growth opportunities for your business—while keeping an eye on the bottom line. At Sprague, we’re a company of energy experts who have been solving challenges for businesses like yours for nearly 150 years.
Sprague is an energy provider you can trust—freeing you from the need to constantly watch the energy markets as you determine how to purchase your natural gas. Request a quote today and see the difference Sprague can make. 

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At Sprague, we understand the importance of finding energy strategies and services that fit your needs. Our account managers are experienced and local, offering deep insights and industry knowledge. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.