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A Smart Alternative to Utilities

Sprague is dedicated to being your partner in energy. With unmatched expertise in the industry and a long history helping customers thrive, we know how to make sense of a constantly changing energy market. Our relationship starts with us understanding your business, your goals and how you use natural gas. With that knowledge, we respond—using our experience, insights and historical data to create a personalized solution that meets your needs now and into the future.

Our goal at Sprague is to earn your business with every interaction, and our dedicated sales and support teams are always available to answer your questions. We work tirelessly to provide you with the tools you need to plan and track your energy purchasing.

Markets We Serve

We supply businesses with a variety of fuels and services across multiple locations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Simply enter your zip code or click on your state to the right to see if we currently provide services in your area. Even if you don’t see your location, give us a call or send us a note to see if we can work together. Let us see if Sprague can make a difference in your energy portfolio.

Pricing Programs

Given the volatility in today’s energy markets, it’s important to manage your budget and your pricing risk. With Sprague, you can lock in your natural gas rates with a fixed price, select a variable price option—or do a combination of both. No matter the size of your business, we’re happy to work with you to develop a purchasing plan that meets your needs.

Fixed Pricing
Variable Pricing
Market Based Pricing
Customized Pricing Plans

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing programs offer set rates for easier budgeting.

Sprague's Fixed Program allows you to lock in a rate for natural gas over a time period that suits your business needs. The natural gas you agree to buy will stay at your locked-in rate, regardless of changes in market prices. This program provides a high level of price protection for the volume you commit to and is a great plan if you're most interested in having a set rate for a specific volume of gas. Various term and swing options are available.

Variable Pricing

Variable pricing programs offer rates based off of a point of commodity pricing (Henry Hub, Louisiana).

Sprague’s Variable Pricing Program allows you to float with the market and lock in rates at a later time. Your monthly natural gas price will fluctuate with the monthly settlement price, and not be locked in to a specific rate. Monthly variable pricing programs are a great option if you would like to lock in a price for only a portion of your load up front, and hope to take advantage of a falling market or need to purchase in the summer months, when pricing is generally cheaper.

Market Based Pricing

Market based pricing programs offer rates based on a daily price.

Sprague’s Market Based Pricing plan bases your monthly natural gas rate on the daily price for each day in the month. This plan works for business managers who think current price levels are higher than they will be in the future, and it fits best if your facilities can switch to an alternate fuel during natural gas price spikes. Market-based pricing programs also work well for customers who use natural gas only in the summer and can take advantage of the generally lower daily market price.

Customized Pricing Plans

Sprague offers custom pricing plans to businesses with complex energy needs. 

On a Sprague customized pricing program, your monthly price of natural gas will be based on a combination of pricing options. This option works well for large usage customers who want protection against a rising market–but also want to enjoy cheaper pricing if the market price moves lower. Custom pricing programs are available to customers who use at least 50,000 therms per month.

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Servicing Your Needs

Sprague offers a complete menu of services designed to meet your natural gas buying and account management needs. We value our long-standing customer relationships and are proud to offer 24/7 online account access, local account management, and outstanding customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Use our form to quickly request a natural gas quote —or call 1.855.466.2842. We will review your utility prices and usage, and see if the rates we can lock in for you are lower than the rates offered by the utility.

Can I buy my natural gas from Sprague, rather than my utility company?

Yes. Sprague will deliver your natural gas requirements to the utility, and then the utility will deliver the actual gas to you. You’ll receive two bills: one from the utility for their distribution service and one from us for the actual natural gas with your locked in rates.

How do I start buying natural gas from Sprague?

Get started by requesting a natural gas quote—or by calling 1.855.466.2842. If you have questions about your utility's choice program, call them directly at the customer service phone number located on your natural gas bill(s).

Can I easily get a copy of my contract Terms and Conditions?

Yes. Sprague sends out the Terms and Conditions to every new customer. We also keep a record of your Terms and Conditions on file. You can contact us anytime, and we’ll send you a copy.

How is Sprague's customer service?

Excellent. Sprague has a dedicated Customer Care group, so you can talk directly with a Sprague employee and get the answers to your questions. Our Customer Care phone line has an average hold time of less than15 seconds! Call 866.477.7248.

What natural gas services does Sprague provide?

As a natural gas customer, Sprague will be your energy supplier. Your utility will continue to provide the distribution of the energy to your business. Sprague is responsible for delivering the natural gas to your utility - sourcing it from different geographies across the United States. We also have the ability to create customized energy management program for you, delivering an energy solution that best meets your requirements and appetite for risk. If you ever have emergencies or delivery issues with your gas, you would still contact your utility directly for support.

What energy products does Sprague offer?

Sprague provides a full range of energy management options, including natural gas, electricity, diesel, heating oil, gasoline, solar offerings, material handling services, and more for your business - while always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Who is Sprague?

Sprague is one of the largest independent suppliers of energy products and related services in the Northeast. Founded in 1870 as a distributor of coal, Sprague now offers natural gas, diesel fuel, heating oil, and much more to businesses throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Our market and trading capabilities, coupled with a network of strategically located terminals and pipeline access, allow Sprague to respond to rapidly changing customer needs.

Will I save money buying natural gas from Sprague?

Most customers do. The savings depend on the utility's approved rate (which changes), your contract price, and when you purchase your gas supply from Sprague. However, with Sprague, you have options! You can either lock in your natural gas costs right now—or float with the market until the price is right for you, and then lock in the rate. If you continue to purchase your natural gas from your utility, you may not have the ability to lock in prices and avoid the market swings.

Will the service I receive from the utility change if I buy natural gas from Sprague?

No. You’ll receive the same quality service from your utility regardless of the company that provides your natural gas.

Where can I get more information?

If you want to explore the other energy products and services that Sprague offers, call us at 1.855.466.2842, complete our contact us form, or explore our website.

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As an independent natural gas supplier, we understand the importance of working with you to meet the specific energy needs of your business. Our local account managers strive to create straightforward and cost efficient energy plans for businesses using market insights, historical analysis, and a deep understanding of economic conditions. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.