Brokers / Agents

Sprague’s brokers and agents immediately benefit from our extensive expertise in the natural gas markets. Sprague embraces the ability to work with partners and expand our service territory. We proactively support third-party representatives in the field with market insights, pricing tools, sales collateral and training. Our partners are an important extension of our company.

Extensive training

Comprehensive natural gas market and product training courses, including in-depth initial training as well as on-going support on an as-needed basis

Dedicated Pricing Desk  

Experienced sales resources to provide third-party representatives with selling support, including contracts, enrollments, collateral, reports and analysis

Full Range of Natural Gas Products  

Dual Fuel BTU products plus a complete menu of hedging and option offerings including index pricing, 
fixed forward basis, ceilings, and traditional and accelerated collar products

Market and Procurement Intelligence 

Access to high-quality, real-time energy market data coupled with support in developing in-depth, customized procurement strategies

Customized Reports

Assistance in creating tailored, customized reports to communicate energy program management ideas 


Customers benefit from online access to contracts, confirmations, reports and invoices

Outstanding Customer Care

Your customers will have direct access to our customer care specialists to personally and expeditiously respond to any questions

Request a Natural Gas Quote online or call 1.855.466.2842.