Sprague offers tailored electricity solutions beyond the capabilities of your local utility—with competitive, locked-in rates and truly personalized service. Partnering with Sprague to connect with the right electricity suppliers allows you to streamline your energy procurement process, match you with an electricity supplier that meets your unique buying objectives, and help shield you from price volatility and unexpected cost overruns.

Markets We Serve

We partner with businesses to provide competitive electricity services across the United States. Simply enter your zip code below, or click on your state to the right, to see if your utility is listed. Let’s work together to see if Sprague can make a difference in your energy portfolio.


Fixed Pricing

A fixed pricing program offers stable, predictable rates for easier budgeting. 

Sprague’s fixed price solutions allow you to lock in your power rate at a specific price over a designated time period. This is a good option for customers who prefer price stability and a higher level of budget certainty.

Variable Pricing

Sprague’s variable price solutions allow you to choose to lock in all or a portion of your electricity costs, or to enter into a variable price contract. This is a good option for customers who are more risk tolerant.


Sprague offers a menu of services designed to meet your electricity purchasing program and account management needs. We pride ourselves on customer service that is second-to-none, and local account managers and customer service agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprague will contact the local utility to obtain a history of annual energy usage for your business. Leveraging our relationships with wholesale energy suppliers, we work with electricity suppliers to offer you a competitive bid.  We will work with you to review all pricing options, and select a supplier that best suits your needs. It is our goal to save you money and time, while ensuring high-quality utility service.
Becoming a Sprague customer is easy. Start by calling and asking to speak with an account manager in your area, or by filling out our online form requesting more information. Once we connect and better understand your business needs, we can start the application process.
As a company committed to sustainability, Sprague is proud to share program options that provide all or a portion of the power from green energy sources.
Sprague offers a free, no-obligation savings analysis. Before you sign up with Sprague, an Account Manager will provide you with electricity options specifically catered to your budget and energy goals. There are no sign-up fees — and no additional charges for this service!

Partner With Sprague

We understand the importance of working with businesses to design electricity solutions to meet specific needs. Our local Account Managers create straightforward and cost efficient energy plans for businesses using market insights, historical analysis, and a deep understanding of economic conditions. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.