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Sustainably Reduce Your Operating Costs

The Benefits of Sprague's Solar's Tank Installation
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Enhanced Energy Efficiency

This renewable energy source can significantly reduce your reliance on conventional energy, lowering electricity bills and operational expenses.


Zero Upfront Cost:

Businesses can adopt solar energy without the need for significant initial investment.


No Business Interruption:

Solar panel installations can be completed without interrupting your business, ensuring that your tank operations remain uninterrupted during installation.


Works to Meet ESG Requirements:

Demonstrates your company's commitment to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Your Tanks Are a Blank Canvas for Improving Sustainability

Reduce your environmental footprint and costs with flexible, thin-film solar panels on your energy tanks.

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Reduce and Normalize Onsite Load
20-Year Warranty (85% Efficiency for 20 Years)
Hurricane Rate to 175 mph
Eliminates Up To 15-20% of Energy Costs
Reduce or Normalize Onsite Load

Energy generated by the solar panels can be used directly to power operations on-site, such as pumps or machinery. This reduces the need to draw power from the grid, helping to normalize your energy consumption and reduce strain on the grid during peak times.

20-Year Warranty (85% Efficiency for 20 Years)

Thin solar panels typically come with a robust 20-year warranty, which speaks to their durability and long-term performance. This warranty often guarantees that the solar panels will maintain an efficiency of 85% or greater throughout the entire 20-year period.

Hurricane Rated to 175 mph

The hurricane rating 175 mph signifies that these thin solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds. This level of resilience ensures that the solar panels remain operational even in the face of severe storms, minimizing the risk of damage and downtime.

Eliminates up to 15-20% of Energy Costs

The installation of thin solar panels on tanks has the potential to eliminate a substantial portion of your energy costs. The energy produced by solar panels is essentially free once the initial installation costs are covered. Over time, this can lead to substantial cost savings, making your operations more cost-efficient.

Why Sprague?


We have a proven track record in solar installations.


We excel in terminal operations and have an in-depth understanding of operator requirements.


With over 150 years of experience, we've been a part of numerous energy transitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing thin solar panels on tanks cause any disruptions to tank operations?

No, operators can walk on them without any additional slip factor or glare created. The panels also help protect the paint on top, reducing maintenance costs.

How does the presence of solar panels on an oil tank affect the switching of products within the tank?

Our panels are designed and constructed to meet the NFPA Class 1 Division 2 standard, ensuring safe operation on all petroleum and gas storage tanks, regardless of product switching activities.

Are there any concerns about the solar panels being slippery on top of a tank and are there any potential trip factors?

No, the panels do not increase the slip factor of a standard painted tank. Other than the panels being laid flat, cable trays are installed away from the edge of the tank and along the interior pathways created by the panels, with wires enclosed by the cable trays, which are approximately 6” – 8” high.

Can the solar panels be easily inspected and pulled off for maintenance or other purposes?

Yes, inspections for any physical damage to the panels are conducted through visual observation. Operation of each specific panel can be electronically tested or conducted by heat mapping. The inverters are also set up with wireless capability to monitor the systems remotely. If a panel needs to be replaced, another panel can be installed directly on top of the old panel, or if necessary, the adhesive can be heated so the panel can be peeled back or completely removed.

Is there any existing power infrastructure on top of the tank that can be utilized in conjunction with the solar panels?

Conduit typically runs up the tanks' side to power lighting, alarm, and gauging systems. We can use existing supports along the side and top of the tanks to run the conduit for the solar panels.

What happens if it snows?

In snowy conditions, both typical tanks and solar tanks experience snow melting relatively quickly due to the roof's slope and the tank's warmth. Solar panels can still function through up to approximately 10 inches of snow, although at a reduced capacity. However, the heat generated by the panels often accelerates the snow's melting process.

Can they maintain their full capacity by working through 10 inches of snow?

No, they operate at a reduced capacity (depending on the consistency of the snow/ice) but become fully operational once the snow is melted.

Are there any concerns or operational issues related to snow accumulation on the panels?

No, other than large snowfalls and ice accumulation, the snow itself does not impact the operation of the panels or solar array.

What should be expected after 20 years using these panels?

After 20 years, you can expect the following:

  • The warranty guarantees 85% efficiency (20 year warranty).
  • The panels will continue to work, but there is no guarantee that they will operate at a capacity greater than 85%, although it's possible.
  • The primary concern is the life expectancy of the inverters, which typically have a 7-year warranty.
  • It's advisable to budget for two replacements within the 20-year period.
Will the panels continue to function after 20 years, or will they likely require replacement?

The panels will continue to function after 20 years, but the power output will be lower. The decision to replace them will depend on your future energy needs and associated costs.

How will we interconnect to the grid?

We will connect behind the meter for on-site consumption.

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