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Welcome to Kildair

Kildair operates a state-of-the-art petroleum terminal facility and offers a wide range of personalized products and services to clients in Québec, Ontario, New-Brunswick and the Northeastern United States.

Marine Fuel

Kildair offers a wide range of marine fuels. We are able to mix and formulate different product ranges in terms of viscosity, sulfur and metal contents.

Bunker Fuel

Kildair's terminal remains predominantly heavy oil oriented. We remain committed to offering a variety of fuel blends and specifications to allow us to meet your specific fuel criteria needs.

Liquid Asphalt

Kildair has purchased, produced, distributed and stored liquid asphalt at its Sorel-Tracy terminal since 2003. Our significant storage capacity and state-of-the-art technology enables the company to effectively meet our customers' needs, from conventional road applications to specific industrial requests to polymer modified liquid asphalt requirements.


Kildair has its own fleet of trucks, trailers, tank cars and pump trucks. The company has the experience and expertise to provide customers with the fuel they need at the location where it is required.

Materials Handling

Kildair's Sorel-Tracy facility is one of the largest terminals for heavy fuel oil, vacuum gas oil, crude oil and bituminous products in North America, with a capacity of up to 3.2 million barrels.


High quality products and services are very important at Kildair, supported by solid processes and management systems with a continuous improvement mindset.