Kildair is recognized for its high quality products and services, supported by solid processes and management systems with a continuous improvement mindset.

Kildair has maintained for many years an ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the production, distribution and storage of its products (bitumen, heavy fuel oil & marine gas oil), for its commercial activities (supply & sales) and for its human ressources management.

Kildair is proud to be an associate member of the Asphalt Institute, of Bitume Quebec and the Québec road builders and heavy construction association (QRBHCA). In addition, the company is certified Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorisim (C-TPAT) and Partners in Protection (PEP), with the inttent to support the fight against terrorisim in Canada and the USA.

Our laboratory, located in Sorel-Tracy, is AASHTO accredited since October 7, 2004. That accreditation is granted by APP (AASHTO Accreditation Program) and is limited to the laboratory and the standards for which our laboratory is accredited. Scope of accreditation: Quality Management System (R18) and Asphalt Binder (R28, T48, T228, T313, T315, T316, T350). Our accreditation certificate is available on the website: http://www.aashtoresource.org

With the growing importance of its fuel marine business and to promote the sustainability of the marine ecosystems, in 2018, Kildair became a member of Green Marine, working to reinforce and propagate practices aimed at protecting the environment and mitigating the impacts of the industry activities, see our Green Marine certificate. Recognizing that Kildair, its customers, and many of our stakeholders rely on these important ecosystems, we are proud to support efforts to protect them. Click here to learn more about Green Marine.

Recently and as a continuation of its desire to mitigate the environmental impacts of our business, our terminal obtained its ISO 14001:2015 certification in 2019 in recognition of achieving an international standard for an effective environmental management system.

The scope of our quality and environmental management system is available upon request.

Kildair purchases its raw materials and performs blends taking into account its contractual agreements, required specifications, quality standards and customer requirements.
We carry out tests on our products to ensure their quality, to establish or modify our production recipes and/or to improve the quality or performance of a product, according to the request our our customers.




Quality & the Environment

As a foundation for its management system Kildair established a framework reflected in a general policy.

General Policy

Kildair strives for the complete satisfaction of its customers through the quality of its products and services, to protect the environment by preventing pollution and to maintain healthy and safe workplaces.

To achieve this, we are committed to:

  • Focusing all of our activities on continuous improvement, which includes establishing and achieving our quality and environmental objectives as well as improving our environmental performance;
  • Offering quality products, ensuring their availability at all times and maintaining high-level professional services;
  • Training and continuously informing our staff in the performance of their duties and providing them with the necessary equipment and supervision to carry out their duties in the safest and healthiest manner possible, while respecting the environment;
  • Preventing accidents and occupational diseases and ensuring the safety of our personnel by maintaining health and safety committees, ensuring that safe work procedures are followed, that potential hazards are eliminated from the workplace and that all incidents are reported;
  • Exercising our activities in the most environmentally friendly way by taking the necessary measures to minimize the environmental impact associated with our operations;
  • Meeting the corporate requirements while making the necessary arrangements to comply with the legislative and regulatory environmental compliance obligations, as well as the occupational health and safety that apply to our activities;
  • Promoting systems and work methods that enhance our commitment to environmental protection;
  • Maintain and improve the quality of relations with communities;
  • Conducting assessment and management of our risks to secure our supply, production, storage, distribution and transportation chain in accordance with our safety program.

Our company’s values ​​guide our decision making and actions. We believe operating in a socially responsible and ethical manner not only minimizes environment impacts but also supports sound and inclusive business practices.

We believe that fulfilling these commitments will contribute to the success of our customers as well as our owners and shareholders, the personal and professional achievements of our employees, the protection of the environment  as well as accidents and occupational diseases and in addition to guarantee our future.

This policy gets translated by the fact that Kildair insures the quality of its products and services through:

  • Solid processes supported by an exceptional team of employees
  • Leading edge technology that ensures blend accuracy
  • Automated control of product temperature during loading and storage, preventing operations outside the established minimum and maximum temperature range
  • Four product blending methods: gravity, injectors, agitator and/or in-line blending.
  • Thermal oil and glycol heating system
  • Regular sampling and testing in an in-house lab by a team of experienced technicians and chemists.
  • Strong participation with independent laboratories, including a correlation program with AASHTO re:source, to maintain the accuracy of internal lab tests by means of calibration of methods and tools.
  • On-going technician training and certification programs in place.
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Your Partner in Energy

As a leader in the specialized heavy fuel oil and liquid asphalt industry, Kildair offers a wide range of personalized products and services. We work with our customers to provide customized solutions to their business challenges and act as their partner in energy. Our goal is consistently exceeding expectations and earning trust and business with every interaction.

Please note: At this time, Kildair serves businesses only.