Kildair has produced, distributed and stored liquid asphalt at its Sorel-Tracy terminal since 2003.
Our significant storage capacity and state-of-the-art technology enables the company to effectively meet our customers’ needs, from conventional road applications to specific industrial requests to polymer modified liquid asphalt requirements.

Kildair produces multiple grades of liquid asphalt according to customer specifications. The primary products offered are:
PG 58S-28
PG 52S-40

Special bituminous products (e.g.: varying grades with high resistance to stripping, warm mix asphalts) are also available and all comply with the specifications of the Ministries of Transport in the provinces or states served.

Quality control is critical. Kildair has its own AASHTO certified laboratory, complete with sophisticated equipment and technology. With an experienced and qualified team, Kildair adopts rigorous measures to ensure product quality.

Since 2017, Kildair has elected to partner with Bitumar by leveraging their extensive network and marketing capacity while delivering superior operational and manufacturing at our Tracy site.

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