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Renewable Diesel

Sprague has championed advancements in transportation and heating fuels to reduce environmental footprints for its customers. As a natural progression, Renewable Diesel (RD) emerges as the next step in reducing emissions and embracing renewable energy without the need for costly investments in new infrastructure.


Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel sourced from renewable feedstocks—including soybeans, corn and canola. As a leading supplier in the Northeast, Sprague helps customers from transit authorities to municipalities fuel their fleets with on-spec, clean fuel. Our fuels are rigorously tested to ensure the blend you require is the blend you receive.

Committed to Quality
Biodiesel blends significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on foreign oil imports while providing natural, improved lubricity and an increased cetane rating. These blends do not require additional infrastructure or equipment modifications.

Biofuels contain no petroleum, but can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend based on application need - from diesel engines to home heating oil. Biodiesel can be used in its pure form as B100 and has been commonly used in on-highway diesel engines as B20 (20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel). Additionally, a B2 - B5 blend has been successfully blended into #2 heating oil for home heating.

BQ-9000 Certified
Sprague is a BQ-9000 certified marketer at our Bronx, New York facility and was the first marketer in the U.S to receive the accreditation. BQ-9000 is a certification program that includes quality control procedures for fuel storage, handling and management aimed at ensuring fuel quality throughout the production and distribution network. Sprague ensures that the biodiesel meets and or exceeds American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications including ASTM-D-6751. Click here to view our BQ-9000 certification.


BioHeat® fuel is an alternative fuel sourced from renewable feedstocks—including soybeans, animal fats and used cooking oil. The production of BioHeat® fuel has resulted in increased jobs, cleaner air, reduced dependence on foreign oil imports—and it’s a safer fuel to use, handle and store.

Better for Everyone
Beyond satisfying your customers’ requests for cleaner-burning biodiesel, BioHeat® fuel provides self-cleaning benefits and additional lubrication without the need to modify equipment. Even when  blended with traditional fuels, it affords dramatically lower emissions: a blend of 80% low sulfur heating oil and 20% BioHeat® (B20) fuel reduces sulfur oxide emissions by 80% or more, nitrogen oxide by 20% and carbon dioxide by 20% (NORA research).

Leading the Way
Sprague is an industry leader in pioneering and introducing new products. We started offering biodiesel to our customers in 2000 and became the first nationally recognized National Biodiesel Board Certified BQ-9000 Marketer in the U.S. We were also awarded a National Biodiesel Board Impact Award for our efforts introducing biodiesel into the marketplace. Sprague’s BioHeat® fuels meet or exceed the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications, including ASTM-D-6751.

Sprague BioHeat® Fuel Offerings: 

  • B2, B5, B10, B12, B20, B99.9
  • Customized blends also available

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