Coen Energy now part of Sprague’s website!

We've made another step in bringing Coen Energy (Coen)into the Sprague family. 

Coen offerings are now included on, meaning our customers can access all of Sprague's services in one place!


Most significantly, now redirects to a welcome page for customers within Sprague's site. The page shows our service map and a list of offerings, including the newly added frac fueling and home heat in the PA area. These services are also accessible through our standard site navigation, which we've detailed out below.

First, prospective PA home heating customers can input their zip code in Sprague’s homepage zip code lookup. They will find that we can deliver heating oil directly to their home in certain parts of PA.

Frac fueling services & standard commercial delivered fuel information for PA can be found off of the Delivered Fuels page. We have a tab, services button, and landing page dedicated to frac fuel!


We have also made small adjustments to other modules on the site to make the experience for Coen customers better than ever. Check out the FAQs, product pages, and more to see if you can spot them.


We are excited to continue to transition Coen’s brand and help draw customers in the PA area to our website. 

Thank you to Steve Demaine in IT and Samantha Allen in Marketing for their work on incorporating Coen’s business units into Sprague’s existing website!