Energy Consumption & Energy Choice

Energy consumption is comprised of both energy delivery service and energy supply service.

What is energy delivery service?

Whether your business uses both electricity and natural gas or just electricity, you do so through services provided by your local utility company. Local utilities are in business to provide electric and natural gas delivery services within a particular geographic area. Some utilities provide the delivery of both commodities, while others do so only for electricity or natural gas. Energy delivery includes the transmission and distribution of electricity and/or natural gas through a vast infrastructure system including poles, wires and pipes. Utilities handle many of the activities associated with energy delivery including meter readings, service hook ups and service restoration when disruptions occur.

What is energy supply service?

In jurisdictions that have deregulated, restructured or unbundled their electricity and natural gas markets, you have the option of choosing an energy supplier that is able to provide customized energy supply services for your business needs. You do not have to purchase your energy commodity from your local utility. If you do not choose an energy supplier, the utility by default will provide you with electricity and natural gas commodity service as well as delivery. However, as this is a standard energy supply service procured for a large and diverse group of customers, it will not be a product tailored to fit your specific business needs.