How to get the best year-round diesel fuel performance

Guidelines to achieve quality diesel fuel performance through every season Suggested diesel fuel fleet tank maintenance:  Check and change your fuel and air filters as needed Monitor water separators daily (drain if necessary) Drain saddle tanks Fuel trucks before ... Read More

Bulk Fuel Delivery in NY, PA and Beyond

Sprague offers bulk fuel delivery in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. We strive to help our customers succeed, with business processes that are simple, straightforward and dependable. Our goal is to h ... Read More

Deregulated Energy States

Energy deregulation varies by state. Electricity and natural gas are frequently both deregulated in the northeastern states, but may be limited to larger scale businesses only. To find out whether Sprague services your area for natural gas and/or electricity, simply input your zi ... Read More

Fuel Oil & Diesel Fuel Delivery in New York, NJ, PA, and throughout New England

Sprague offers fuel oil delivery and diesel fuel delivery throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and greater New England. Our goal is to help our customers thrive—fueling their businesses with more than a billion gallons annually from an extensive network of strategically ... Read More

Natural Gas Glossary

Algonquin (AGT) - Algonquin Gas Transmission A regional interstate natural gas pipeline system that transports natural gas from pipeline interconnects in New Jersey and southeastern New England to major markets in New England. Algonquin is owned by Spectra Energy Corp. Back ... Read More

Refined Products Glossary

Absolute (values) Same as Flat. Reference to actual $/bbl or/gal price, as opposed to Basis values (see below) API The American Petroleum Institute, an industry advocacy group established in 1919 to promote the interests and development of the petroleum industry and to c ... Read More

Choosing Sprague

Why choose Sprague? Sprague provides energy supply services to over 20,000 business customers behind numerous utilities (45+) in a wide geographic area. More importantly, Sprague can provide your business with energy commodity supply and pricing alternatives that are not avail ... Read More

Energy Consumption & Energy Choice

Energy consumption is comprised of both energy delivery service and energy supply service. What is energy delivery service? Whether your business uses both electricity and natural gas or just electricity, you do so through services provided by your local utility company. Lo ... Read More

Energy Deregulation

What does energy deregulation mean? Energy deregulation, restructuring or unbundling at a high level refers to the separation of an energy commodity itself – electricity or natural gas – from the physical delivery of that energy commodity to the final user. Deregulation has oc ... Read More