Fuel Management

Total Fuel Management

Beyond delivering the fuel your business depends on, Sprague offers a complete array of fuel and fleet management capabilities—including transactional management and consultative support. Our experts are here to guide you and help you manage costs while giving you complete control of your delivered fuel accounts.


Sprague offers a range of delivered fuels including: ULSD, Gasoline, E85, Biodiesel, Jet fuel and CNG. Our experts can help you optimize your on-site fueling infrastructure—ensuring you have the fuel you need, when you need it. We schedule deliveries to minimize the transportation expenses and work diligently to stay ahead of challenging weather events—stocking products in advance of adverse situations.

Electronic Tank Monitoring

Automatic Dispatch & Delivery

  • Orders generated based on inventory levels & consumption patterns, reducing your admin time and costs
  • Full truckloads lower delivery costs while ensuring timely deliveries
  • Orders adjusted for storms, seasonal activities, emergencies & events

Compliance Reporting

  • Reduce environmental risks, administrative overhead and costs with automated reporting
  • Sensors and alarms included for 24/7 electronic monitoring.
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation and Compliance reporting

Fuel Facility Support

  • We install, maintain and repair monitors, island dispensers, pumps and control units, in addition to offering preventative maintenance programs
  • On-site consulting services for site assessments and equipment specs also available


Sprague can support your fleet operations with detailed and timely fuel activity reporting—whether drivers are fueling at your on-site locations or over-the-road retail facilities. We offer convenient, online access to information and the ability to easily manage drivers and vehicles 24 hours a day. The FleetControl® fuel access card provides retail fuel transactions through an extensive network of retail fueling sites.

On-Site and Retail Fueling

Online Transaction Management

  • Computer-controlled fuel dispensing limits and simple, vehicle and employee data management
  • Online reporting tool displaying gallons, location, employee, vehicle and product details

Consignment Inventory

  • Reduce inventory capital requirements, administrative costs and increase pricing stability with fuel-use invoicing
  • Third party reporting and invoicing available


Fleet Card

Sprague was a pioneer and continues to be a leader in delivered fleet card programs and services to governmental and commercial customers. For over 3 decades, Sprague FleetControl® fleet card provides retail fuel transactions through an extensive network of retail fueling sites.

The FleetControl® fuel access card is accepted at over 90% of retail fueling stations in the New York Metropolitan area and at over 130,000 retail fueling locations nationwide. Sprague supports customers’ fleet operations with comprehensive purchase controls in conjunction with detailed and timely fuel activity reporting. Sprague offers convenient, online access to information through our online web portal SpraguePORT®.

Customer support, located in Harrison, NY, is available for assistance and consultation. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Additionally, an available mobile app allows users to optimize routes and fueling. Fleet managers and drivers can view nearby fuel sites, directions, fuel types and prices per gallon, all on the go.

Extensive Network
The Sprague FleetControl® card is accepted through a network of 130,000 major and local fuel locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with new sites added daily.

Account Authorization Limits
Sprague’s customer service team can set up the control limits you want for your drivers and vehicles. Purchase restrictions based on specific states, zip codes, merchant locations or type of sale.

Online Transaction Management
Streamlines reporting via online transaction tool encompassing gallons, location, employee, vehicle records, product information and much more.

Sprague has extensive in-house expertise and decades of experience, providing consultation on fleet fueling cost controls and best fueling practices.

Sprague’s FleetControl® fleet card program can be set up using a two tier transaction authorization (or validation) and reporting system. Each vehicle is assigned a card and each authorized driver is assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This two-tier system allows authorized drivers to fuel vehicles within a specified account. Transactions are restricted to fuel only. Cards can be set with purchase controls and parameters based on specific vehicle capacity and usage. Operating period restrictions such as days of week and hours of day are also available.

Your Partner in Energy

As an independent delivery fuel supplier with nearly 150 years of experience, we understand the importance of delivering what you need when you need it. Our local account managers offer straightforward and cost-efficient options, while our delivery team ensures the highest level of delivery accuracy. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.

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