Sprague has decades of experience providing quality No. 2 Heating Oil throughout the Northeast—serving a wide range of customers across our service territories. We take pride in having a consistent supply of product throughout our entire terminal distribution network. We also offer heating oil delivery with a process that's reliable and straightforward.

Sprague currently delivers home heating oil to areas in Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more.


Reduce your fuel-related service calls with HeatForce®, and keep your customers happy. HeatForce® premium fuel includes a proprietary and field-proven additive designed to maintain the integrity and quality of your fuel, and help improve home heating oil efficiencies.

HeatForce® Benefits:
  • Improves fuel oil quality
  • Promotes a healthier heating system
  • Extends the life of the heating system’s filter
  • Reduces unscheduled fuel related service calls
  • Differentiates your company from your competition
  • Improves your bottom line by saving money and time

Together with extensive technical and marketing support, HeatForce® premium fuel allows you to build on the trust and loyalty that your customers depend on. 

Available at the following Sprague terminal locations:
  • Newington, NH
  • Stamford, CT
  • Springfield, MA – St. James
  • Providence, RI
  • East Providence, RI
  • Rensselaer, NY

View our HeatForce® Premium Heating Oil brochure

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