Product Offering

Sprague offers dyed and clear kerosene at numerous terminals throughout New England. The dyed product is used for space heating, off-road fuel, or other tax-exempt applications. Clear kerosene goes into taxable highway fuel vehicles, and our low sulfur kerosene can be used for individual splash blending. Sprague relies on the U.S.-standard Solvent Red type dye to secure product that meets the minimum EPA and IRS mandates but isn’t overly dyed.

To better serve our customers, we winterize all of our diesel fuels according to climatic conditions.

Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene

Sprague supplies dyed and undyed ultra low sulfur kerosene (ULSK) to a wide range of dealers and commercial end users. ULSK has a lower boiling range and offers significantly superior cold flow characteristics. That’s why our customers depend on it as a blend component for diesel fuels in the winter—significantly improving cold flow characteristics. In addition to a cold weather fuel, it’s frequently used in municipal buses because emissions tend to be very low.

Low Sulfur Kerosene

Sprague’s customers typically use low sulfur kerosene as a blend component added to home heating oil—improving cold weather properties: mainly pour point and cloud point. A petroleum fraction that’s similar to ultra low sulfur kerosene, low sulfur kerosene has a higher sulfur content—generally in the 500 ppm (0.05 wt %) range. It’s typically blended into heating oil delivered to smaller outside storage tanks in northern New England. We currently store low sulfur kerosene at our South Portland, Maine facility.