Who We Serve


With nearly 150 years in the energy business, and local account managers in the field, we’re proven in the industry. We actively expand our product offering and terminal network based on specific customer demand, and deliver the kind of personalized service and market intelligence you can’t find anywhere else. We strive every day to help your business succeed.

Online Buying

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Sprague serves a wide range of commercial accounts, providing products, tools and market intelligence to help you control costs and manage complex energy needs. Sprague’s local account managers draw from a diverse selection of products to deliver tailored energy solutions, while providing exceptional customer service, precise attention to detail, and the actionable insights you need to manage your energy costs. We work diligently so your business can run at its best.


We understand the importance of high-quality service coupled with attractive prices in today’s competitive and challenging environment.  Sprague excels in working within the highly demanding aviation industry throughout the Northeast.

Commercial Residential

Sprague’s seamless delivery of heating fuel keeps your buildings running smoothly–and your tenants warm all winter. We have long-term, loyal customers for a reason: they trust Sprague to keep tenants warm and comfortable without interruption. We offer routine maintenance plans with 24/7 emergency service, and fuel is available on a will-call or automatic basis. If you have questions, your dedicated local account manager is always available.   

Construction / Off-Road

Sprague understands the demands of the off-road environment and we have decades of experience in meeting the needs of our customers. We work with you to provide customized services for a wide range of off-road applications.

Fleet Management

Sprague offers a range of fuel and fleet management capabilities—including transactional management and consultative support. Our program grants you full control of your delivered fuel accounts coupled with the ease of electronic tank monitoring. Let us help with your fleet fuel needs so you can focus on achieving your business.


Marinas in the Northeast rely on us to provide quality fuels that meet their needs as well as those of their customers. Sprague provides a range of products including gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, and the proprietary and superior quality ValvTect® fuel offerings.  We remotely monitor inventory levels and deliver fuel when needed most during the busy summer boating season.

Sprague provides high quality marine grade fuels to meet your vessel’s fueling requirements in New England. We supply tankers down to commercial tugs and private yachts.

National / Regional Retail

Sprague’s large retail customers benefit from our extensive expertise managing large energy portfolios and commodities. We provide the purchasing and portfolio management strategies you need to run your business efficiently and the tools to support your reporting requirements. We partner with you to help you meet your energy goals.

On-road Fuel

As a leading supplier of diesel and gasoline in the Northeast, Sprague understands the multiple demands facing your business every day. We take the complexity out of energy purchasing by delivering fuel, on-site or off-site, and keeping your business running smoothly.  

Property Management

Sprague provides seamless delivery of heating fuel, natural gas, system maintenance and service to commercial and residential buildings. We take pride in our reliable supply and competitively priced product offerings. Our customers trust Sprague to keep their tenants warm and comfortable without interruption. We offer dual fuel services, working with you to create a pricing portfolio that will allow you to burn the most cost efficient fuel year round.

Power Generation

Our power plant customers rely on us to have the fuel they need, when they need it. Sprague’s extensive terminal and pipeline network and reliable supply enable us to respond promptly and efficiently to our customer’s energy demands. Our dual fuel capabilities allow us to work with you to burn the most cost efficient fuel year round.

Small Business

At Sprague, small customers are big customers. Every business is assigned a dedicated local Account Manager who can answer your questions, advise on the market, and create a straightforward and cost-efficient energy plan. It’s our job to simplify the delivery of energy, so you can focus on achieving your business goals. 

Manufacturing / Industrial

Meeting the complex energy needs of industrial and manufacturing customers is at the core of our expertise, and we know downtime is not an option. That’s why Sprague creates dependable programs tailored to your energy requirements—whether you work with heavy oils, or a combination of petroleum, power and natural gas. Our dual fuel services team offers customized programs to help you financially benefit from short or longer term price spikes in the market. Your local Sprague Account Manager consults with you using high quality, real-time energy market data to help develop custom strategies that meet your energy needs, budget objectives, and risk tolerances. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of pricing programs make us a premier energy delivery partner.




Sprague has the knowledge, expertise and track record to meet the energy needs of federal, state and local government. From major transit authorities, to hundreds of public schools and government buildings, we deliver the energy that keeps our country’s infrastructure running. We tailor our offerings to your unique requirements — from specialized natural gas programs to retail fueling and bulk fuel deliveries. 

Sprague provides energy continuity through electronic tank monitoring and precise overnight fuel replenishment, and our extensive network of strategically located terminals and pipelines throughout the Northeast help ensure supply during both normal times and periods of disruption. Order history and detailed invoices are available online, streamlining administrative logistics for busy government offices.


Energy Field Services


Sprague's drilling and frac fuel services will keep your job site running smoothly and efficiently. 

We provide 24/7 support to drilling and fracturing in the natural gas industry from our range of fuels to our wide selection of storage products. Sprague's high quality products and unbeatable fuel services separate us from our competitors. Whether you're looking for drilling or frac fuel services, Sprague is ready to help you succeed by keeping your site fueled.

On-Site Drilling and Fueling Services

Sprague provides on-site fueling for drilling and fueling operations, generators and related equipment. Your job site needs to run smoothly with 24/7 service. There's no terrain we can't handle, and our dependable, versatile team has the experience to get the job done right.

Field Services

Each job site is assigned an experienced team and on-site supervisors to ensure that drilling pads are fueled safely and consistently with dedicated equipment. 

Storage Products

We supply a full line of portable storage tanks, filters, pumps, nozzles and more.

Unmatched Job Safety

We pride ourselves on our job site safety. Currently a member of ISNetwork and client of East Coast Risk Management, our safety remains second to none.

Brokers / Agents

Sprague embraces the ability to proactively support third-party representatives in the field with market insights, pricing tools, sales collateral and training. Our partners are an important extension of our company. We offer brokers and channel partners the ease of one-stop electronic access to all the same information and management tools provided to customers through SpraguePORT®. We are also happy to  create tailored reports, provide real-time energy data and offer our dedicated pricing desk — all to help you succeed.

Your Partner in Energy

At Sprague, we understand the importance of finding energy strategies and services that fit your needs. Our account managers are experienced and local, offering deep insights and industry knowledge. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.

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