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Sustainability Vision Statement
We will implement resourceful and efficient solutions in our business, navigate an evolving energy product slate with our customers, and be a responsible community partner. The results will be sustainable energy solutions for our customers, economic strength to support our employees and the communities they live in, and enduring returns for our investors.

Our Sustainable Headquarters
When Sprague built our Portsmouth, New Hampshire, headquarters in 2013, a number of sustainability opportunities were reviewed and implemented. We dramatically reduced our electricity dependence by using LED lighting and motion sensors. To further limit our impact on the planet, we used reclaimed materials for flooring and furniture and chose low- and no-volatile paint. We also decreased our use of paper products with the installation of air dryers, enhanced recycling, and transition to paperless internal processes. 

Renewable Fuels
Throughout our history Sprague has evolved to meet our customers’ changing energy needs. Recent product introductions have included alternative and renewable fuels—including bio-based fuels. We’re proud to be the first National Biodiesel Board (NBB) Certified BQ-9000 Marketer in the U.S, and a recipient of the National Biodiesel Board Impact Award.

Sustainability at Sprague Energy from Axel Johnson on Vimeo.

Video compiled by Axel Johnson Inc. with solar tank drone footage by Firefly Aerial Solutions LLC

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