Our Energy Makes the Difference®

Sprague makes it easy for your business to offset its environmental impact. Simply add Sprague’s new Green Energy Program to your natural gas purchase and start using carbon offsets to help balance out your greenhouse gas emissions.
How it works:
  • Purchase carbon offsets from Sprague up to or equivalent to your natural gas usage. Sprague purchases the offsets from certified, reliably sourced projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as forest restoration, energy efficiencies, wind farms, and hydroelectric initiatives.
  • Add carbon offsets to your natural gas agreement, and become a part of the green energy initiative.
  • Market your sustainability efforts with our easy-to-use media kit*
Contact me to get started!
Questions? Email carbonoffset@spragueenergy.com or call 1.603.430.5387
*Media kit includes modifiable press release and use of Sprague’s Green Energy Program logo on your website and marketing materials. Contact marketing@spragueenergy.com


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