Coen Energy announces name change to Sprague Energy to reflect broader resources to better meet customer fuel needs

Washington, PA (May 1, 2019) – Coen Energy LLC, a local leader in fuel delivery and related services, announced today that it is changing its name to Sprague Energy LLC. The change reflects the more expansive offerings and commitment Sprague is making to provide energy products and complementary services to the area.

In 2017, Coen, one of the region’s largest fuel suppliers to homes, businesses and the energy exploration and production industry, was acquired by Sprague Operating Resources LLC ("Sprague"). As a leading energy company in the Northeast, Sprague worked to build on Coen Energy's strong foundation while maintaining a focus on people, customer service, and safety.

Today, Coen Energy LLC is being renamed Sprague Energy LLC to reflect the combined relationship. The change comes after years of learning the fueling needs of the region and understanding new ways to leverage Sprague's resources to keep customers moving forward.

“We are excited to build on Coen Energy’s history of great customer service and strong local knowledge to integrate them fully into the Sprague family of businesses,” said Bob Blanchard, vice president of Sprague Energy LLC. “Sprague’s resources and nearly 150 years of experience in the fuel industry will surely augment the Coen Energy offering, and we are planning to introduce enhanced products and services in conjunction with the re-branding."

Coen Energy has been serving its customers since 1923, building its business and brand to deliver fuel to home heating customers and commercial entities, while also offering services and fuel to natural gas exploration and production customers. Now, Sprague Energy will be investing in additional services and technology that will help reduce operating risk and keep costs low for customers of all sizes.

“The name change allows us to emphasize our combined business objective of helping customers succeed,” said Shana Hoch, managing director of marketing and customer experience at Sprague. “Understanding the energy needs of our customers has allowed both Coen Energy and Sprague to remain flexible and innovative in meeting the evolving needs of our customers for more than 100 years. Coen’s reputation for trust, reliability and consistency of service will only be enhanced under the Sprague umbrella.”

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