Mack Point features extensive facilities such as warehousing, liquid tank storage, and significant dock frontage. In light of Governor Janet Mills' February 2024 announcement for a new port facility on Sears Island to support Maine's floating offshore wind industry, Sprague proposes Mack Point as an ideal alternative. This suggestion utilizes existing infrastructure, preserves the natural habitat on Sears Island, and aligns with Maine's renewable energy goals. Sprague's alternative plan illustrates a sustainable approach to modern energy challenges while respecting the region's ecological and historical significance.

Mack Point Benefits

  • 100 acre dedicated floating ocean wind facility.
  • Over 2,000 feet of combined dock frontage.
  • Segregated areas for component receipt, base fabrication, base launching, and unit fit up.
  • 35+ feet of water depth
  • Class 1 rail service to port
  • Repurposing of an existing working waterfront


Updated Plan Details


Summer 2023

  • Greatly reduced dredging requirement
  • Increased vessel docking capability
  • Reduced wetland impact
  • Reduced need for soil extractions
  • Avoids potential problem areas
  • Mitigates impact of fetch and southwest winds
  • Provides for a stand-alone
  • 100-acre wind terminal
  • Provides a lower impact repurposing of an industrial site


State should reconsider Sprague Energy plan for wind terminal at Mack Point

In late summer 2023, after working with a marine engineering firm, Sprague proposed an alternative layout, which we believe provides several compelling advantages over both the original Mack Point and the Sears Island plans proposed by the state’s contractor (Moffat & Nichol).  

Our plan takes advantage of the studies undertaken by the state to maximize use of natural water depths reducing dredge requirements by up to 85 percent. In addition, it minimizes wetlands impact by avoiding an area of freshwater wetlands. Lastly, it reduces the risk of discovery of contaminated soil by limiting tank removal to an area of currently unused jet fuel tanks deemed clean by the Air Force prior to their divestiture of the former jet fuel yard. Contrary to misconceptions in some press reports, the Sprague Mack Point Terminal option is a viable, cost-effective solution and deserves full analysis.

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Submit Your Feedback


On April 24th, Governor Mills issued a Request for information seeking public input on Maine’s commercial offshore wind solicitation approach and implementation, which we encourage all Mainers to do.


By submitting your opinions, your voices will be heard and impact the state’s evaluation of solicitation design plans and program objectives.


The process is simple - send an email to You can find more information by visiting the website.


Please make sure to send an email with your feedback to before the June 21st, 2024 deadline.

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