Sprague Energy and Frac Shack America Inc. Announce Expansion of Strategic Relationship

Washington, PA (September 16, 2020) – Sprague Energy LLC (“Sprague”) and Frac Shack America Inc. (“Frac Shack”) have announced an expansion of their strategic relationship to provide customers with an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution for fueling their locations.

Sprague and Frac Shack have enjoyed a long-standing commercial and operational partnership within the Utica-Marcellus Shale play. Over the last 12-months, this relationship has expanded to allow their mutual clients to transition to fully automated fuel supply on fracking locations with a transparent, efficient solution.

As a leader in the industry, Frac Shack understands its customers’ needs and developed a patented automated fueling solution that has helped clients reduce operational costs, and eliminate the need for hot fueling. This technology coupled with the exceptional fleet management and fuel service solutions offered by Sprague, has provided their mutual customers with the reliable supply they need to achieve desired operational outcomes. 

Founded in 1870, Sprague is one of the largest independent suppliers of energy and materials handling
services in the Northeast, with products including home heating oil, diesel fuels, residual fuels, gasoline, electricity and natural gas. With over 150 years of energy experience, Sprague is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and create efficiencies within the industry.

Frac Shack has been the visionary in providing world-class automated frac fuel delivery systems, and currently services every major shale play in North America. The patented FracFueller and delivery system have addressed the safety and efficiency needs of the continuous frac operational environment.
This partnership of like-minded businesses has been, and will continue to be, focused on bringing significant value to our mutual clients. To date, our joint efforts have resulted in providing an exceptionally safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly operational solution.

Building upon this success, we are excited to announce the expansion of our relationship via an automated dual fueling offering.  Once again, Frac Shack has risen to the challenge in developing a patented solution to further the needs of our industry to reduce operational costs, while providing for a significantly improved greenhouse gas profile.  This technology coupled with the exceptional fleet management and fuel service solutions afforded by Sprague provides our clients with the confidence they need to achieve their desired operational outcomes. 

“I can honestly say that working together with Frac Shack has been rewarding,” said Joe Gudenburr, Division General Manager of Sprague PA.  “Having a partner that shares your passion for bringing strategic value to the client, and who desires to be the best in all that they do motivates us all to push the envelope on technology and service platforms. We have one focus in the region and that is to provide an exceptional product to our clients that delivers upon expectations.” 
”The team at Frac Shack takes great pride in providing value to our customers.  Working with Sprague, an organization that has best-in-class logistics capabilities, has helped us deliver that in the field, every day.  We look forward to growing our natural gas and dual fuel offerings along with the great diesel delivery service of Sprague,” said Todd Van Vliet Chief Executive Officer of Frac Shack.

Sprague and Frac Shack look forward to meeting with existing and new clients to outline how they can best support their strategic business needs today and well into the future.
About Sprague
Sprague Resources LP is engaged in the purchase, storage, distribution and sale of refined petroleum products and natural gas. The company also provides storage and handling services for a broad range of materials. More information about Sprague can be found at www.spragueenergy.com.
Steve Lamm, Sales Manager                               
Sprague Energy LLC    

Luke Franz, N. East Account Manager
Frac Shack