Commitment to Sustainability


Throughout our history Sprague has evolved to meet our customers’ changing energy needs. Recognizing the increasing demand for greener, more sustainable product offerings. We are proud to offer our Sprague Energy Innovation Initiative.

Carbon Offsets


Sprague makes it easy for your business to offset the environmental impact of your fuel purchase. Simply add Sprague’s Carbon Offset Program to your fuel purchase and help balance out your greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Offset Diesel


Sprague’s new Carbon Offset Program allows you to easily offset your carbon fuel purchase without any system or infrastructure changes. Simply ask to add our Carbon Offset to your next fuel purchase and start offsetting your fuel for a more sustainable future. Sprague purchases the offsets from certified, reliably sourced projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as forest restoration, energy efficiencies, wind farms, and hydroelectric initiatives.

Maine Net Metering Program

Maine businesses can save on electricity costs and support solar energy with no upfront costs or system modifications. Maine Governor Janet Mills signed into law LD 1711 to Promote Solar Energy Projects and Distributed Generation Resources. The legislation encourages Community Solar Energy Projects support, and promotes the use of clean, renewable energy. Businesses that use Central Maine Power or Emera are eligible for this program. 

Solar Tanks

Sprague’s South Portland Terminal is home to the first of its kind Solar Storage Tank. This marks the first time that thin film solar panels have been applied directly to the roof of a former oil storage tank. Since the solar panel installation in the summer of 2017, the solar tank has been producing nearly 100,000 kWh of energy per year, which has helped to reduce the terminal’s operating costs, off-set non-renewable energy from the grid, and increase community support for additional development of Solar Storage Tanks. Sprague is the proud recipient of the Sustainable Impact Award at the Annual Global Tank Storage Awards. 

Biofuels & Renewable Fuels

BioHeat® fuel is an alternative fuel sourced from renewable feedstocks—including soybeans, animal fats and used cooking oil. The production of BioHeat® fuel has resulted in increased jobs, cleaner air, reduced dependence on foreign oil imports—and it’s an extremely safe fuel to use, handle and store. 

Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel sourced from renewable feedstocks—including soybeans, corn and canola. As a leading supplier in the Northeast, Sprague helps customers from transit authorities to municipalities fuel their fleets with on-spec, clean fuel. Our fuels are rigorously tested to ensure the blend you require is the blend you receive. 

Renewable Fuels
We’re proud to be the first National Biodiesel Board (NBB) Certified BQ-9000 Marketer in the U.S, and a recipient of the National Biodiesel Board Impact Award.

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